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ScriptBully Editor Gives Screenwriters #1 Secret to How to Write a Script That Doesn't Suck

Rogan’s advice frees aspiring writers from stifling scriptwriting formulas in favor of a technique that actually sells scripts


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2014 -- ScriptBully Magazine Editor Michael Rogan knows there is a time and place for rules and structure. But when they overshadow great storytelling, it’s time to ditch the “rules” of screenwriting and let the story flow organically. He shares the secret to doing exactly that on YouTube in the video How to Write a Script That Doesn't Suck: Secret to Writing a Screenplay That's Awesome.

“Yes, structure is important when learning how to write a script,” Rogan says. “But many pro screenwriters don't freak out about index cards and beat sheets and outlines.”

In just over six minutes, Rogan’s concise and to-the-point video blog coaches budding screenwriters on ways to put their characters in impossible situations that will have movie audiences on the edge of their seats and engaged throughout the entire film.

With more than 1,800 subscribers and nearly 100,000 views of his videos, Rogan’s channel is quickly becoming a go-to resource for budding screenwriters around the world who are looking for advice on script writing format. In addition to coaching writers on his YouTube channel, Rogan is the author of five audiobooks and e-books on script writing.

How to Write a Script That Doesn't Suck: Secret to Writing a Screenplay That's Awesome can be viewed on YouTube at

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