Twitter's 14 Billion Year Old Tweets from the Man Who Fell to Earth


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2012 -- No this is not Ziggy Stardust or is it! Twitters are getting their heads round news of a 14 billion year old head colliding into falling angels as it came down to earth from heaven – David Bowie and Rod Stewart have been singing about it! What have you got to say about it? Tweet the artist at:

Great balls of fire! The head crashed down straight into a tower block, bounced off into a tree, set it alight and just missed demolishing a parked car! It’s a Jerry Lee Lewis gig!

Luckily, artist and sculptor, Trevor R Plummer was on hand; beating back the flames, he was driven by an insane curiosity to retrieve this miraculous object. Shockingly, he was soon to discover that this was no ordinary object but something that was actually alive! Organic substance that was verified to be – a head!

Not knowing what to do with it, Trevor has made it into a unique sculpture, which will shortly set the all time world record at auction - worth over $156 Million, now in “The Guinness Book of Records” for the oldest piece of sculpture, and set entirely with precious stones and precious metals.

“The truth is not a lie, simply because you refuse to believe it,” says Trevor. The 14 billion year old head is the most fascinating object ever seen. The sculpture, Quantum, is the oldest sculpture on earth and the first recorded face. Set with the rarest diamond of all, the moon diamond, as befits the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, the sale will close in 2012 once the highest offer is reached.

Trevor is a very versatile artist, who not only produces sculpture, but interestingly, also various works of art; mixed media, and oil paintings. The artist prefers to work with precious materials.

British artist TREVOR R PLUMMER works are widely featured on Sotheby’s, Christies, Bonhams, BBC Art Revealed, Wallery Art Catalogue,, Artnet, ArtFortune.

All enquiries for sale, purchases and commissioning. Galleries and Art Museums are welcome.