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SDA Publishing Offers Trademark Package for Everyday Living

SDA Publishing Inc. CEO Sandra J. Freer announces the sale of “Everyday Living® and® - two registered Canadian trademarks and related intellectual property.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2015 -- The package includes trademarks (Canada reg. # TMA548921 and TMA861513), domains, a website, and social media accounts that can offer an umbrella for organizations that sell under several brands.

These trademarks are approved for use for print and online advertising.

"They can be used as a resource for the latest news and information on matters that surround everyday living including, health, beauty, food and more," said Ms. Freer, who noted the package is ideal for media agencies and large corporations, as well as, organizations that want to conduct business in Canada with an established trademark for instant credibility.

Not only can the the Everyday Living® trademarks be used to brand several products and services under one umbrella, but according to Ms. Freer, they "offer the flexibility to brand any organization that sells various products that cannot be categorized into just one industry."

In addition to the trademarks, the package, which is being offered for sale by U.S. Trademark Exchange (, includes and .net/.org/.ca/info. domains, a website and social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter.

Why would someone be interested? According to Ms. Freer, personal branding can be achieved in a shorter time than developing an easily recognized trademark.

The Everyday Living® trademarks offer a prospective buyer the ability to feature themselves under an attractive advertising trade name.

"If you are an organization, for example, that sends out catalogues or advertising," explained Ms. Freer, "the trademarks ensure the consumer will be attracted to the trade name to read the content, especially in print, the consumer is more likely to keep the booklet with Everyday Living® as the title offers the appeal of a magazine".

The Everyday Living® trademarks' sale also offers the buyer, especially one that has no real identity, to collect their own branded divisions under one single appealing umbrella. Besides, a new organization in a start-up or a change of ownership has the benefit of having an established identity to brand themselves without the waiting time period to obtain a trademark and then try to add the domain extensions, which may be already taken by other organizations, stated Ms. Freer.

The SDA Publishing Inc. CEO believes the offer is unique in that it provides for several domain names and social media, which will enable the new owner to protect their brand and/or enable an organization to establish their own competitor brand or to market via a third-party endorsement method.

A promotional video on the Everyday Living® package can be seen at:

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