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SDR Announces Launch of Powerful FLV Player


Eugene, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2014 -- SDR [short for Software Development Resource] has finally released another filetype player in its rank of free to use and download apps after covering MKV, an FLV player is now also available. This file is made by Adobe and is usually very difficult to play for the not-so technologically inclined.

What are FLV Files?

Before the advent of the now more preferred MPEG format for audio and video needs of the online world, FLV was once the ruling standard.

FLV or most commonly referred to as Flash Video Format is almost obsolete if not for its developer Adobe's popularity [the same company who introduced revolutionary graphics suite Photoshop and the iconic PDF format file format].

Don't be misled though, FLV files is still de facto standard for streaming done on the web but ramifications in technology are always up and so does innovation.

With innovation came better file formats that could replace FLV. Flash website plug-ins are virtually everywhere the moment it has been introduced a decade back and with these came the advent of FLV and ubiquity. MPEG4 slowly caught up though and with all the negative sides of using FLV for online streaming and beyond, the change is now being adopted by many platforms.

Apple's iOS and iTunes do not carry support for FLV and so does popular video streaming site Vimeo. Other platforms may still use FLV but the difficulty of finding default programs to open such files when shared locally is also another problem. Most PC users [again with the notable exclusion of Mac users] will not have a ready made program that can open FLV files except if there's an Adobe flash player at hand [with Adobe Flash Media Server for Mac users].

FLV file quality is also more inferior to a degree against the MP4 format. The extended FLV format called SWF is also one notorious file that's difficult to open.

To lessen this confusion, SDR has initiated a free resource up now called FLV player. For Mac users and other OS users without installed flash players [since these players are also difficult to configure if not done properly], SDR's FLV player can do the trick with no more than just one installation.

The app is also very lightweight and easy to navigate even by beginners new to the file format.

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