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SDR Announces Launch of Rare MKV Player; Makes It Free for All Like Matroska's Vision


Eugene, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- Software Development Resource [acronym: SDR] has released another rare piece of software that most programmers and avid video enthusiasts clamor for, good news: it's free. It's their mkv player that plays any type of .mkv and related file from Matroska, a non-profit organization geared towards a freer media framework.

What are MKV Files?

In the words of its publisher, Matroska from which its name was also derived [Matroska Multimedia Container], is an open standard container free file format that holds an unlimited number of video, audio, image and subtitles in just one file.

There are plenty of container formats in the digital world today including the popular WAV [exclusively for audio] and MP4 [can contain audio and video] but MKV can hold any file format.

Files used by Matroska include .mkv [for video], .mka [audio files], .mk3d [stereoscopic or 3D video], and .mks [mostly subtitle tracks]. Its developers have created this format with a future thinking, that in the next few years there will only be one standard file format for all of the current many others just play different types of multimedia files.

But there are current issues most digital container format types face; one of it is popularity. When a file format is popular, it is only natural that developers would come up with better support since more people will make use of it and it's probably more profitable.

MKV files may be capable of containing all types of format in one, but it's a less popular format. It needs its own players in order for it to run properly [although some can play in most local media players in most OS with the right codecs and parsing].

To eradicate the need for more codecs, SDR introduced its own free mkv player. One of the common advantage of mkv files though is that it's known to pack HD quality files without eating a lot of space once opened, stored or played and it's open source [free for all].

Matroska was derived from the Russian word Matryoshka or wooden and is more populary called the “Russian doll” that opens to expose a series of other dolls inside it.

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