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SDR, Oregon-Based Budding Software Developer Company Launches Its Own DVD Ripper Tool


Eugene, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2014 -- Software Development Resource or SDR for short introduces their own ripper program for the widely used DVD format. DVD has been seen as the refinement of the more limited CD and has since been used.

More on DVD

Unlike the archaic CD, DVD's development is not a single-effort. Major manufacturers and players contributed a lot to the technology many home viewers enjoy today including Philips, Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic.

The clear advantage of DVD is bigger storage while maintaining the native dimensions the CD has been known for [the round disc].

The first DVD had a 1 GB capacity and current ones in use today can store as much 15 GB amount of video data. Obviously the unification of just one format became a big convenience for audio and home entertainment purposes, especially in the USA where the Hollywood directly drives the economy of sale for these types of commodity.

The landmark unification was also unprecedented as consumer tech giants including Toshiba, Sony, and Philips agreed to a single format [not on the separate two that these camps have previously fought about]. The timely intervention of IBM, Apple, Microsoft and other software-hardware giants made it possible for the reconciliation and birth of a more capable, single-sided disc now called the Universal Disk Format.

On the other hand, the landscape of home viewing has drastically changed from the first year DVDs were introduced in 1995 and the current year. Just barely 10 years after it was introduced, most households now enjoy watching things digitally or through online streaming – think Netflix era as compared to the traditional cable options which many American now consider very costly.

Many avid movie viewers now also want to watch without the use of discs anymore since it would be more portable then. With this, came the advent of DVD Rippers. These software programs are able to extract any content from a DVD into a hard disk drive.

SDR's own dvd ripper is capable of encoding any copied DVD content into different native file formats including – but not limited to – Zen, DV, Rockbox, PS3, Quicktime, PSP, VCD among many others. It also has the playback capability even while conversion is happening to give users a high quality preview of desired output.

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Their team of talented software engineers, programmers and developers have a combined experience of 30 years in the industry. They started as a small shop and quickly grew to now include team members from around the world. They believe that showcasing their talent with the introduction of free useful software programs is a way to help the community and increase their productivity. SDR offers custom software solutions to streamline businesses.

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