Seabase Are Leaders in Home Wind Turbine Technology Delivering Eco-Friendly Electricity Solutions to Residential Users


Heckmondwike, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- specializes in Home Wind Turbine technology and delivers renewable energy solutions to residential users, who prefer them to the traditional energy sources.

More people today search for ways to make use of green energy, but home wind turbines are still a new option with a lot of benefits that are unknown for most of the residents. This technology is quite different from the solar panels that are widespread and commonly used on homes in the areas with a lot of sun. The new technology uses the wind energy and is suitable for various conditions, including marine usage, salt or sand corrosive environments and severe climate.

This system helps customers to reach many of their energy-reduction goals. By using a home wind turbine, they will be able to significantly lower their carbon footprint, reduce their bills for energy and as a result completely move off the grid. gives people who live in regions with stable wind patterns an opportunity to save much on energy costs using a home wind turbine. People, who reside a densely developed region, will not get as great benefits, as urban development and large buildings affect wind patterns and substantially alter them. Individuals, who live in such areas, can still use this system for getting slight carbon footprint and energy bill reductions. However, these people have an option to make use of certain small wind turbines that can be mounted on their roofs to improve the results. In areas that are heavily developed, the lowering of energy bills can drop by 10% or more, using home wind turbines.

Those, who live in remote areas, have much more options to save on their energy. Both models, rooftop home wind turbines that are less costly and the more expensive elevated wind turbines work equally well in flat regions. The elevated towers range from 80 to up to 120 feet in height. The purpose of higher towers is to get access to the zones with stronger winds. They are especially useful in regions with high structures, buildings or trees.

People, who strive to cover their entire electricity needs by using wind energy, will need to get at least two or three home wind turbines. They will also need to choose a model with a tower, so that they can get the optimal amount of wind energy available at any season or time of the day. They will also have to get a backup system that is battery-operated, in order to store the excessive wind energy for later use. provides two kinds of home wind turbines along with a vertical wind turbine at affordable prices. The company gives customers opportunity to save on high electricity costs being a result of raising oil and gas prices and easily convert the wind energy to electricity.

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About Seabase is a leading company that delivers Home Wind Turbine technology to residential users, who take advantage of this great eco-friendly electricity solution.