Friends of Scotland, Inc.

Sir Sean and Friends of Scotland Charity Shocked by False Reports


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/05/2012 -- Sir Sean Connery and the Friends of Scotland were shocked to read media reports published by the “From Scotland With Love.” event including reports that Sir Sean had donated a kilt to the event or was involved in any way with the event.

Last year, attorneys for Sir Sean and Friends of Scotland issued a cease and desist letter to Geoffrey Scott Carroll and Peter Morris, Co-Chairs of From Scotland With Love which has often wrongfully been called Dressed to Kilt. The letter demanded that they stop using Sir Sean’s name, likeness, image or voice. The letter also demanded that Morris and Carroll not use the Friends of Scotland name or its trademark, “Dressed to Kilt”. Through their attorneys, Carroll and Morris agree that they “…will of course make no further mention of Mr. Connery going forward,…. we have removed all references to Mr. Connery, Mr. Baron and FOS. Our clients agree not to make any reference to them in association with any future DTK events.”

Neither Sir Sean nor the Friends of Scotland intended to donate anything to the From Scotland With Love event nor did they support or participate in the event in any way (nor will they do so in the future). Sir Sean was misinformed as the nature of the gift requested and its recipient.

Sir Sean donated the kilt that was described in the media reports to the Friends of Scotland three years ago – the Friends of Scotland charity owns the kilt.