Search Engine Optimization Expert Carlo Cabrera Announces New, Free Newsletter

Periodical will convey proven, practical ways to leverage SEO for greater income


Kissimmee, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- Carlo Cabrera, a leading expert at search engine optimization, or SEO, announced the inauguration of a free newsletter aimed at teaching SEO and monetization techniques to others. Those interested in the offering may sign up at, the central online presence for Cabrera's SEO activities. The newsletter will focus on strategies for using search engine optimization to produce real, measurable returns on investment for businesses and individuals.

"In an increasingly competitive world, it is more critical than ever to fight for recognition and exposure," Cabrera said, "and my experience with search engine optimization has taught me many valuable, potent techniques that I'm ready to share with others." Internet search engines, chief among them being Google, use a variety of automated metrics to assess the value and importance of the millions of websites they index. Sites with strong, compelling content tend to rise above those with less value of this sort, but this alone is often not enough to secure placement high in the results for relevant search terms. Since most people who use search engines never look beyond the first few results returned to them, businesses and others which fail to maximize their sites' rankings may easily be overlooked.

Search engine optimization involves making use of a variety of techniques aimed at improving these rankings. A business which sells pet supplies over the Internet, for example, might benefit greatly from being referenced among the first few results for searches such as "flea collar" and "chew toy." With deep experience in the field and the development of a number of innovative strategies to his credit, Carlo Cabrera is one of the leaders in securing such placements for his clients. His services are offered with a guarantee of results, unusual for the industry, according to which his customers pay only if the promised improvements are realized. The effectiveness and pragmatic focus of his work has made him one of the most talked-about SEO specialists in Florida, as well as contributed to a strong reputation among industry insiders.

"Since starting as an SEO consultant, I've helped countless businesses and organizations secure the search engine rankings they wanted and needed," Cabrera continued, "and my new newsletter is going to help me to reach even more of those who could benefit from this valuable service." Cabrera's recently established newsletter, which is available completely free of charge to subscribers at, focuses on showing how effective SEO can lead directly to increased revenues, whether for business with existing web properties or individuals looking to supplement their incomes. It is a rare sort of offering for the sometimes secretive world of search engine optimization and therefore another reflection of Cabrera's unique and innovative approach.

The leading search engine optimization specialist in the Orlando area, Carlo Cabrera focuses on results-oriented services. His industry-leading, risk-free, money-back guarantee is the most generous anywhere, and all of his projects revolve around definite, conveyable targets and revenue-enhancing goals.