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Search for Sex Offender Nearby with a New Web Site: Local Crime Alerts


Augusta, ME -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2014 -- With concerns over potential contacts with sex offenders on the minds of parents and caregivers everywhere, a new, free web site makes it easier to search for sex offender nearby. That site is www.localcrimealerts.com, and it’s simple to use.

The web site features information on how to use the national sex offender registry, as well as information for state-specific searches. Parents who live in, are moving to, or are concerned about who their children might meet and come into contact with during a visit to friends or family in Maine, or after a move to the state can learn how to lookup sex offenders online, including in the Maine sex offender registry.

LocalCrimeAlerts.com is not a searchable registry, but offers information on a variety of state registries and what information each of these contains. The aim of the web site is to educate others and give parents, grandparents and those who might be involve in the care of vulnerable individuals peace of mind, the knowledge that they can find out if there are individuals living nearby who might pose dangers to their children.

Because each state’s sex offender registry is different, it can be difficult to find information that one is looking for. Some states show all sex offenders, others focus on violent offenders, still others have a child molester registry. Each state’s registry has its own tips or tricks that can help to make navigating and using the database easier. Local Crime Alerts aims to make all of this less confusing by offering direction on how best to utilize specific registries.

Not only that, but the web site features tutorials on how to look up arrest records in specific regions – like Dallas County court records. Whether an individual is interested searching the list of a district attorney’s most wanted sex offenders, misdemeanor warrants, bench or felony warrants, child support evader warrants or the state’s most wanted sex offenders, if they follow the process set out by Texas law, accessing that information is simple. The web site explains that under Texas law, anyone can access public records on their associates and individuals who might make them think twice – including county court records without having to justify the reasons one might want to know the information contained inside.

About LocalCrimeAlerts.com
LocalCrimeAlerts.com is 100 percent focused on keeping kids safe. The web site educates families on how to look up the crime index for their neighborhoods and show parents exactly what they need do to search for child molesters in their area with 100 percent accuracy. For more information, please visit http://localcrimealerts.com