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Lathrop, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- It helps patients find safe, effective and cost saving health tourism destination for the healthcare and medical needs. Even if someone is looking to get away from busy life to just relax, he can access information on health resorts and retreats, medical spas and wellness centers, etc. amongst others at myMEDholiday.

According to myMEDholiday, “Depending on the destination you are visiting for your surgical procedure, dental or medical treatment, and the cost of the operation back home, you can save up to 50%-70% after low cost treatment. For example, heart surgery costs a fortune and can leave you bankrupt in the US or the UK, but the same operation done in India will only set you back by a few thousand dollars.”

Thus, Medical tourism is one of the effective and unique concepts. Particularly, medical tourism in Thailand has become a major trend these days for the simple reason that the country has a large number of medical centers and healthcare facilities. The techniques and medical treatment procedures can differ greatly from place to place; however, cost-effective treatment is assured. Numerous extremely modern facilities are being built to match standards in developed nations.

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myMEDholiday is a leading portal for information on health tourism and wellness travel industry. Their website offers detailed information on countries that offer opportunities for medical tourism and profiles on medical facilities, wellness institutions and healthcare providers.

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