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Sears Dental Announces That Its Dental Informative Website Will Be for Sale on Flippa.com


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2013 -- Sears Dental, a practice that provides top-notch dental care to patients of all ages, has just announced that its website will be going up for auction. The dental informative website for sale is scheduled to be featured on Flippa.com, which is the top online marketplace for buying and selling websites.

As all successful marketers know, the majority of their potential clients will search for their service online first. They understand that customers are attracted to services that not only present themselves professionally, but also have relevance to their specific industry. As a spokesperson for Sears Dental noted, for people with the last name of Sears who are planning to start up a dental company, the upcoming auction will provide them with an outstanding opportunity to buy a website that already features their family name.

As relevant URLs become increasingly scarce, the upcoming auction affords dentists with the name Sears a rare opportunity. Not only can they purchase a completed website that has already established itself in the marketplace, but they can secure a name that will add relevance and professionalism to their dental practice.

In addition, the Sears Dental website currently features in-depth articles and helpful information about visiting the dentist, at home care, dental products, and what to expect during a visit to the dentist. It was built with a sleek, modern design, easy navigation, a blog page and dental content that have already earned it a solid presence on the search engines.

The responsive website also boasts social media sharing buttons and several widgets that add value to the person visiting the site, such as universal search on the site and links to Amazon for the ability to purchase dental related devices. A privacy policy has already been written into the site, as well as a Contact Us form to generate leads.

Lastly, because this site has been optimized and gaining authority for the last 19 months, it has already earned 303 inbound links, 1,332 Tweets to its home page and a MOZ rank of 5.2. The established trust this URL already has with the search engines means the new owner won’t have to start from scratch like the majority of other business owners that are just setting up a new website.

To bid on the upcoming auction, please visit Flippa.com and type in the search term: “Sears Dental.”

About Sears Dental
The Sears Dental website features an outstanding and easy-to-navigate structure, a short and attractive URL, and multiple pages that include a blog and information about the practice. The website, which has been in existence for over a year and a half, is going up for auction on Flippa.com in a few weeks. For more information, please visit http://www.searsdental.org/