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North Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2016 -- "What makes an actor a great actor is not the ability to get up on stage and perform something". These are some of the opening lines to Brad Heller's video entitled Introduction to Acting. This provocative statement is one of many that Brad goes on to unravel in a fascinating way that leads the student to truly look at acting with a fresh perspective.

Great students need great teachers. The craft of acting is no exception to this. Brad Heller, founder of The Heller Approach Acting Studios in Los Angeles, CA, was himself a student of a great by the name of Don Richardson. The Heller Approach is founded on the non-Method Acting principles taught by Don Richardson which are thoroughly summed up in his book "Acting Without Agony: An Alternative to The Method". Richardson mentored the likes of superstars such as Spencer Tracy, Grace Kelly, Robert Redford and Kirk Douglas to name but a few. While Brad was fortunate enough to be trained by Don Richardson himself, the lessons from the pages of the revolutionary teacher and author's book have helped myriads of actors and trainers over the years (and still to this day) without the physical presence of the teacher himself.

There are many mediums through which to learn acting. Whether it be through a book, audio tape, or video, the lessons gleaned can be poignant and shape actors into greats. Brad Heller has amassed what truly is not only a present day treasure trove of for the present time but also a timeless and ever-growing collection of completely free instruction and wisdom through his YouTube channel. With nearly 1 million video views to date, the channel ranges in topics from Acting is the Ability to React to The Foundation of the Heller Approach and Cold Reading to How to Make an Impression.

The way in which Brad delivers and engages the audience (whether in the studio or in the virtual realm) is a feat in its own right. His natural poise, absolute passion, and obvious experience are infectious. It's the next best thing to experiencing it in the flesh. His charisma and intensity all seep through the screen while still maintaining a highly relatable and encouraging tone that offers truly sound advice on techniques for actors of all levels from the fledgling to the seasoned. What makes Brad's videos especially powerful is their downright pragmatism. Even veterans who are superb storytellers onscreen often struggle with consistency. Or, perhaps they battle psychological issues or are tormented by the means or "method" they use to generate emotions on stage. The Heller Approach deals deeply with these issues and makes acting a fun and exciting journey to embark upon – not a dreadful and treacherous one.

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From Judge Reinhold, Tyler Blackburn, and Natalie Distler to David A.R. White and Masi Oka, students of The Heller Approach have successfully created acting careers, and constantly keep their acting tools sharp with the studio. Brad's students have booked series regular, recurring, guest starring, and co-starring roles on hit shows like "Greys Anatomy", "Extant", "Heroes", "Anger Management", "Two And A Half Men", and "Mike And Molly". They have also starred in major Studio Films and Broadway theatre productions as well as and hundreds of commercials. Brad has also taught many professional comedians how to take their comedy and put it into a believable character ultimately leading to sit-com work.

"Brad is a really giving and great teacher. He helps me stay 'real' for all my auditions. As well as helps me make my work human and real but also entertaining. One of his gifts is teaching comedy – the tools I must know for sitcoms and comedic films. Now audience laughs exactly where I want them to. His lessons are a must to any actor." – David White (Evening Shade, Mercy Streets, Six, Revelation Road, Brother White, Marriage Retreat, God's Not Dead)