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Seat Pets Review - In Depth Product Test and Review by You're Not Stupid Released

The popular review site tackles car products and kids toys in its latest publication.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- Extended car journeys with young children come with a host of potential problems and challenges. Parents need to make sure that their children are kept comfortable, safe and entertained for the duration of the journey, which if un-stimulating can be problematic for the children and parents alike. One company believes they have come up with a novel solution in the form of Seat Pets, a plush seatbelt cover that will encourage children to wear their seatbelts in comfort while at the same time providing them a companion for the journey. You’re Not Stupid is a popular consumer review site that has given in depth analysis of the product in its latest release.

The review of Seat Pets lists the pros and cons of the product in bullet point form, as well as a detailed list of the versions of Seat Pets available, from a Ladybug and a Dog to a Cow and even a Monster. The review begins with a general introduction of the product and the asserted claims from the manufacturer before contrasting that with the users own experience.

After reviewing the product, the writer then gives their personal recommendation which is accompanied by a star rating out of five attributed to the product by the site editor.

A spokesperson for You’re Not Stupid explained, “Among the full gamut of Seat Pets reviews, ours is typical of the kind of practical, easily consumable advice we pride ourselves on delivering to consumers regularly and across a diverse range of consumer topic areas, including kids toys, car accessories, technology, computing and more. The Seat Pets review was written by one of our users who bought the product for use with her own family, so the perspective given is one that will be most useful to those who are most likely to buy the product. Our site aims to give recommendations or cautions as if they come from a friend.”

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