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Seattle Business Buildings Undergo Massive Mold Remediation with 123 Mold Testing Company


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- A lot of concern has arisen in the Seattle business community over the fact that a number of employees of a certain office (name withheld) suffered health complications as a result of prolonged exposure to toxic black molds. This has triggered a lot of anger among office goers over the fact that neither the management nor the building owners take care about the mold growth in and around the building.

While toxic black mold stachybotrys pose an immediate treat when exposed to human beings, certain molds are not has toxic and normally reacts only after a considerable amount of time. However, there are some with people very low resistance to molds even though they may not be toxic molds. Under such cases, even an hour’s exposure will trigger severe allergic reactions.

This is true of the people with asthma, sinus, migraine, heart problem, etc. Studies have shown that if the mold spore counts is excessive than even an hour’s exposure can trigger an asthma attack. As for sinus patients, chronic sneezing starts even when the mold growth is located in the next room. Hence, it is very difficult to accumulate different employees with different health concerns under the same building. The recent incident in Seattle has alerted both the business owners as well as the building owners.

Workers in Seattle has arrived to a consensus that the authority in charge will be put to question if the health of the employees are put to hazard by exposing them to molds. Many Mold Testing Seattle companies are now doing extensive mold remediation in and around the office buildings. Taking into concern the needs of the Seattle business owners, most Companies have now upgraded their office in such a way that more than 30 emergency calls can be attained to in a day. To receive more details on mold testing in Seattle please visit this website.

123 Mold Testing is one of the most trusted companies for all mold inspection and mold testing services nationwide. All of our technicians and mold inspectors are IAC2 certified and all mold testing is performed in AIHA accredited laboratories.

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