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Second Chance: New Romance Novel Features an Unusual Twist

Written by Meg Tandy, this sensual and vibrant story is the tale of Liz Brady and Harry Bergman – two people with an explosive sexual connection and their own personal demons. The catch? Both are widowed, stumbling toward middle age and unsure if the youthful myth of "falling in love" is a reality.


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- The protagonists in romance novels are generally two things – an alpha hero and a fiery heroine, and, of course, the hero and heroine are young.

In a dazzling new novel by Meg Tandy entitled ‘Second Chance’, the two main characters are definitely the former, but not the latter!

Liz Brady and Harry Bergman are two people who have experienced it all--marriage, family life, success, failure and death. On a trip to Bermuda, they meet and find that while they have conflicting personalities, their raw and very sexual connection is undeniable. Is “falling in love” an event only reserved for those in their youth? Or is it still possible, even when one's past stands in the way?

Liz and Harry are about to find out in this complex, intense and passionate new novel.


"Falling in love" usually is the exclusive behavior of youthful adventurers dedicated to the purpose of finding "Miss or Mr. Right" and not the behavior of middle-aged, confirmed personalities who have "been there, and done that.”

Liz Brady and Harry Bergman are single, attractive and independent personalities-definitely established in their life styles. And-they've both "been there, and done that.” By chance, they meet in Bermuda while on vacation, and unpredictably, their libidos ignite like uncontrollable wildfires. Harry is ecstatic to regain his faltering manhood and Liz is blithely enjoying a "fling.”

Ensconced in a vacation paradise and liberated from their secure lives in New York, they feel free to indulge in a passionate and lustful intimacy. Will the lust that connects Liz and Harry bind them in a meaningful relationship when they return to New York and resume their diverse life styles? Can Harry love and commit to one woman? Can Liz love another man as she loved her husband?

Empathize with them as they argue, brawl and struggle to relinquish their egos and overcome the challenges of their self-satisfied lives in the hope of realizing a happily-ever-after life together.

For Meg Tandy, the subject of this novel was a no-brainer.

“Plentiful financial advices thrive about preparation for retirement, which now often occurs earlier than sixty-five years old. But few advice-givers address the possibility of a "second chance" to nurture a loving relationship, whether for the widow or widower, or for the single or divorced mothers and fathers,” says the author. “Is sexual attraction only entrusted to youth even though middle age libidos are still alive and well, simply requiring the proverbial spark to light the fire?”

Continuing: “Since life expectancy has increased ten years in recent decades and continues to defy earlier calculations, life and love is not finished for men and women floundering into their final years. Therefore, it is important to fantasize and propagate the notion of another, new life and love in middle age.”

‘Second Chance: A Romance Novel’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1lneVOL

About Meg Tandy
Retired from a thirty-year career in legal support services and prematurely widowed, Ms. Tandy relocated from her native New York City to Sarasota, Florida and revisited her love of writing. When diagnosed with breast cancer, writing served another purpose-alleviating the anxiety and ordeals of her illness. Cancer-free for five years, she is grateful and appreciative of a life that closes one door and then opens another. "Me" is the person I don't bother to scrutinize any more--the youthful, attractive and amiable, maybe neurotic, person who fit in everywhere while she was watching herself, trying desperately to be somebody. It's amazing how somebody evolved to be "I am" Now I know, I know nothing for sure. I've read something about a lot of everything. I've mostly worked hard at many different jobs, for love, for money, for praise and sometimes, just for fun! I've been a guest at a myriad of places-farms, hotels, sports arenas, homes-in different parts of the world. I've experienced much of the "same old, same old" but somehow, the "same old" is ever-changing, ever-learning and ever-loving, and I can't be same person I was yesterday, whoever she was.