Second Generation of Bruker's S1 Titan Advanced Handheld XRF Analyzer Launched


Kennewick, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2014 -- It was indeed a phenomenal day for Bruker Elemental as it introduced the second generation of its S1 Titan Handheld XRF analyzer. As per the needs of the customers, the latest S1 Titan comes with enhancements such as a weatherproof casing and optional small spot collimator and integrated camera.

Customers have an option of choosing among four models of the new S1 Titan namely 200,300,600 and 800. All models have been specifically configured to suit the varied needs of different customers. The characteristic which distinguishes the new S1 Titan from its previous version is its ability to effectively analyze the concentration of gold in smaller objects. It is absolutely necessary in contemporary times, given the rate of fluctuation in the prices of gold. Besides gold and other precious metals it is very useful in analyzing other materials like stainless steels, aerospace alloys, electronic scrap, drill core cuttings, consumer goods, soils and more.

In the words of John Landefeld, Executive Vice President of the Bruker Elemental Division “Feedback from our Customers is crucial to our design process, and has yielded advancements to the winning S1 TITAN.” He further expressed that most of the advancements like the flexibility given to the customers to select a small spot that is collimated as well as the protective Titan Detector Shield were employed keeping in the mind the demands of the customers.

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