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Second Werewolves in the Renaissance Book Available for Preorder

Journey of the Hunted, the tenth novel by indie fantasy writer Tracy Falbe, continues the Werewolves in the Renaissance historical fantasy series and will release on November 8. Until then, fans of Falbe can preorder the ebook at iBooks, Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.


Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- Taking the form of a classic hero’s journey, the tenth novel by Tracy Falbe Journey of the Hunted: Werewolves in the Renaissance 2 pits a group of loyal friends against various monsters as they cross the Holy Roman Empire in 1561. Along the way help comes from unexpected benefactors as the hero Thal Lesky eludes bounty hunters, another werewolf, and a fext assassin that cannot be killed.

Scheduled for a worldwide release on November 8, Journey of the Hunted can be preordered for a special promotional ebook price of only $0.99 at iBooks, Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. People who preorder the ebook will receive it automatically on the release date.

Werewolves in the Renaissance is the third fantasy series created by Falbe, who has been writing since 1997 and began publishing her fiction in 2006. To create this magical world she has mixed her enthusiasm for Renaissance European history with the folklore and superstitions of that bloody era. Her hero Thal Lesky is a werewolf, but one who is completely in control of his beast power and defined by his compassion, love, and loyalty for others.

In Werelord Thal, the first novel of the series, he avenged the brutal torture and execution of his witch mother in Prague. As a result he is labeled a vicious criminal and Devil-worshipping shapeshifter by both Church and State. Journey of the Hunted opens as he seeks to escape Bohemia with his wife and friends, who are condemned by their association with him. He must reach the remote castle of his father, the sorcerer Sarputeen, in the Tatras Mountains.

Although this is the second novel in a planned series, Falbe has carefully written it so that it can be enjoyed on its own.

“Some events from the first book are mentioned here and there as back story, but the emphasis in Journey of the Hunted is always on what happens next, so readers can pick it up and enjoy it as is,” Falbe explained.

For those who like to start series at the beginning, however, Werelord Thal is currently a free ebook at iBooks, Nook, Smashwords, Kobo, and Brave Luck Books to promote the series.

About Tracy Falbe
Falbe lives in Battle Creek, Michigan and operates Brave Luck Books http://www.braveluck.com where she markets her fantasy fiction ebooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks worldwide. Her fiction has earned praise over the years for addictive story lines and characters that feel real.