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SecondaryMarketAnnuity.Net Partners with Tier One National to Promote Their Guaranteed Income for Retirement Planning Service

High Yield Annuities Continue to Be a Good Choice for Investors Looking to Diversify -SecondaryMarketAnnuity.Net Partners With Brand Specialist Tier One National to Promote The Message


Whitefish, MT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- Tier One National, specialists in brand management, recently announced a partnership with SecondaryMarketAnnuity.Net. Tier One will be tasked to grow the already successful online brand by increasing media coverage. Both businesses believe secondary market annuities and their many advantages are largely unknown to the majority of retirement planners.

Simon Harris of Tier One National explained;

“Higher taxes and slower growth combine to make many investors nervous about putting their money into the stock market. Those seeking to diversify their investment portfolio need to take another look at secondary market annuities as these investments often yield 5%, 6% or even 7%, guaranteed. We believe there is a massive market for this type of security and we will be working with one of the market leaders SecondaryMarketAnnuity.Net to reach more consumers with this message.”

Mr. Pulsifer of SecondaryMarketAnnuity.Net explains the annuities further:

"Individuals seeking cash today sell future payments at a discount, and this allows for future payments to you, the investor, at a high yield. Although these High Yield Annuities remain a small corner of the financial landscape, they offer unparalleled safety and a higher yield compared to other safe money options. These fixed income alternative investments continue to be an excellent safe bet."

In all 50 states, the transfer of Structured Settlement Annuities is regulated. Furthermore, these financial products aren't subject to and risk of loss from market or interest rate changes. Highly rated insurance carriers guarantee the annuity payments and the transaction process is both attorney reviewed and court ordered, ensuring safety and security.

"SecondaryMarketAnnuity.Net offers the largest inventory of secondary market annuities in the world," Mr. Pulsifer continues. "Working with leading factoring agencies and companies, we bring more structured settlement annuities to market than anyone else. Secondary Market Annuities are a great way to build a guaranteed income foundation that's critical for retirement."

The key to successful investing is in knowing what portion of your assets to allocate for each investment. Secondary market annuities do provide a guaranteed income, but are not easily liquidated, so it's important to no over-allocate to this fixed income class. Select an investment advisor who can assist you with allocating your assets in a way that best meets your needs.

Mr. Pulsifer states;

"If you are looking to diversify your investment portfolio, secondary market annuities remain a great choice. During difficult financial times, you are guaranteed an income. Click here to learn more about this investment option and how it can benefit you. We can assist turning your assets into income to ensure you have the retirement lifestyle you need to enjoy life to the fullest."

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SecondaryMarketAnnuity.Net provides comprehensive information on secondary market annuities to both individuals and advisers. Secondary market annuities consist of existing annuities being sold at a discount to those interested in seeking a fixed income alternative investment. Offering access to the world's largest inventory of available annuities, SecondaryMarketAnnuity.Net makes use of a purchase process completely focused on the buyer to protect both advisers and clients and focuses on third-party escrow, legal review and other investor protections, ensuring smooth transactions every time. Learn more about secondary market annuities by visiting www.SecondaryMarketAnnuity.Net.

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