second chance checking banks Reveals How to Get Checking Accounts Even While in the ChexSystems Database


Burlington, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2012 -- Managing personal finances can be a difficult task, especially during an economic crisis. If financial difficulties arrive and individuals are unable to cope with them, they may find themselves in a database called ChexSystems.

Unfortunately, being listed in this database effectively locks individuals out of the entire mainstream banking system. This means that they will not be able to open bank accounts or get access to banking services, like checks and bank cards, which are necessary for paying everyday expenses.

Now, there is one website that many people are turning to for alternative solutions to the mainstream banking system. This website is called, and it is helping numerous individuals to get their lives back on track.

A spokesperson explained why the site was created:

“I’ve had bad credit in the past and was without a checking account so I know how stressful it can be. When I was without a checking account I searched for help and useful information but it was difficult to find. After a lot of research I was able to get a checking account and improve my credit. I wanted to give something back so I’ve shared my knowledge of the process by compiling the best resource for finding and understanding non ChexSystems checking accounts. The emails I get from visitors I have helped makes the process worthwhile”

Being reported in the ChexSystems database can have a dramatic negative effect on an individual’s ability to open a bank account, get a bank card and write checks. Despite this fact, there are other options that may allow an individual to open a second chance checking account. The goal of is to reveal the non-ChexSystems options that are available to residents of each state in the U.S.

At, individuals can browse through local banks and credit unions offering second chance checking in their states. Visitors to the website will also discover how being in the ChexSystems database will affect their lives and the steps that they can take to get incorrect information removed from the database. In addition to checking accounts, the website also features quality editorial content on prepaid credit cards.

Thanks to, many people are getting fresh starts and managing their finances through second chance checking account and prepaid cards.

About is a website that offers a free directory of local, non-ChexSystems banks and credit unions that offer second chance checking accounts. The website also provides information on ChexSystems and its impact on the personal finances of those who are in the ChexSystems database.

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