Secondhand Habit Prepares for a Huge Reaction to Their Latest Album, Anaphylactic Rock

Canadian alt-rockers Secondhand Habit are releasing their third album, Anaphylactic Rock, and their track "Love Letter" is featured on WiFi PR Group's compilation, Indie Anthems Vol. 3.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- For a group influenced by such 90s headliners as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Weezer and Green Day, Secondhand Habit seems poised to carry the torch for alt-rock into the 21st century. They’ve hit their stride and are ready to release their third recording effort, Anaphylactic Rock, and are preparing to hit the road for a spring tour that aims to spread their own flavor of rock ‘n’ roll throughout Canada and beyond.

The original group formed in Victoria, BC, Canada, in 2010, and they eventually switched out bassists to achieve their latest lineup. Secondhand Habit’s current lineup is Cody Vandal on vocals and rhythm guitar, Dan Lo on keyboards, Jon Yellowlees on lead guitar and backing vocals, Ken Slater on drums and their latest addition, Zack Nips on bass.

They’ve been compared to the likes of some of their influences, including Weezer, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against the Machine. Their sound is traditional alt-rock with a touch of indie meets a group of funny guys with a penchant for 90s rock and a tendency toward the distinctly original. Lead vocalist Cody Vandal, for example, brings a falsetto voice out on several different tracks, spiking the tracks with unique and intoxicating vocals to set Secondhand Habit apart from other groups in their alt-rock genre.

One of their notable upcoming tracks, “Love Letter,” has a laid-back, bouncy vibe. Gentle guitar strums in the intro lead into a pulsing offbeat melody that keeps the listener nodding and moving in time with the beat. Other parts of the song have ethereal vocals in the background that accentuate the band’s ability to add special touches to their music that make them stand out from other groups of the same makeup. You can hear their contribution “Love Letter” on Indie Anthems Vol. 3, set to be released at CMJ in New York City, Oct. 15-19, 2013.

Their song inspirations come from life experiences, their love of music, debauchery, social unrest and the ever passing of time, which explains the sentiments behind their latest single, “Father Time” off their upcoming EP, Anaphylactic Rock. The track tells a tale of desperation fighting the passage of time: “I’m falling further every day/One foot out, another goes in the grave/You can tell Father Time that he’s no friend of mine/Now I’ve run out of time to change.” To get this sense of urgency across, most of the song has driving rhythms mimicking the driving, unstoppable force of time.

On this next album, listeners can likely expect something similar to past releases but that is elevated to another level of togetherness as the group progresses as a unit. Anaphylactic Rock, notably mixed by Marek Forysinski, is set to release October 28th along with support shows in November, which they will use as avenues of promotion before going on tour in the spring. They’ll also be working on music videos for songs on this album, including one possibly soon for their track, “Love Letter.”

Past Secondhand Habit releases include the self-produced album Striving for Mediocrity (2012) and the self-produced Badass EP (2011). Besides their Anaphylactic Rock EP preview on YouTube, you can hear more of their music on ReverbNation, SoundCloud, digital distribution, such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and so forth, and also as hard copies, which are available either directly from the band or local (Victoria, BC, Canada) record stores.

About Secondhand Habit Music:
Badass EP, February 2011
Striving for Mediocrity, April 2012
Anaphylactic Rock EP, October 2013


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