Secret Football Games with Football Quiz for Ages 6 to 99+


Valencia, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- Crossing the generation divide, the 'Secret Football Games with Football Quiz' book has been written with humor and compassion. It is a very unique story on the game with a surprising twist. There is also an element in the story which highlights safety and security, thus reminding younger readers what they should do in certain situations.

The interactive football quiz at the end of the book, a novel way of including comphension to help all those children who have problems with this area of English, has had excellent reviews. It has been stated that it is a great tool for parents to use and for children to become familiar with this skill at a young age.

It is a story that has been drawn from the imagination of the author alone, due to a conversation she overheard.

The 'Football Story with Football Quiz' book demonstrates that if you have a dream, no matter what size that dream is, it can become your reality. All you have to do is employ all the determination and tenacity you can muster up to put a plan in action to follow your dreams.

Asked why she wrote this story, the author, AnneMarie Callan, who created the Skellee Rescue Series series of short stories for children, replied,

“One of my sayings in life, which is derived from a quote from The Buddha, is, “With your thoughts you make your world” and therefore after overhearing 'the' certain conversation, which is in the story, I had no alternative but to follow my thoughts and write the story. The response has been wonderful and more than I had hoped. I am very grateful for all the wonderful reviews it has received on the Kindle platform, where it is published. ”

This is AnneMarie Callan's second football book, the first being 'Bobby Skellee and The Football' for younger children.

Following are some of the reviews received ...

- One reviewer stated that this book certainly lived up to it's title and is appealing to all age group. (In fact, the author also mentioned that she hoped it will appeal to those aged from 6 to 99+, thus breaking the age barrier.)
- Another reviewer mentioned that the scenes within the book equated to watching it on TV. She went on to say that it certainly catered for a wider audience, from bedtime story telling to older children reading it on their own.
- Others stated that the quiz was a great tool in helping their children with their comprehension.

Apart from the compassion in this book, there is also a very important message which is clearly addressed and appropriately rewarded. Added to that are the football skills!

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