iPhone Game "Secret of Chateau de Moreau" Optioned for Film- Considerable International Success Expected to be a Major Hit With Westerners


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2011 -- Movie rights for Secret of Chateau de Moreau, a mystery/thriller iPhone adventure game from 4:33 Creative Lab, have been optioned by EK Films. The game immerses players in the interactive story of Antoine Moreau, who has inherited his foster father’s enormous wealth, along with the mystery of his foster father’s murder—in which Antoine himself is a suspect.

The game has found considerable success on the smallest of screens as a mobile gaming phenomenon in South Korea. Its appeal has motivated its translation into English, and it’s expected to woo gamers around the world. Secret of Chateau de Moreau is now also destined for the big screen.

Eric Kim, who helped produce “Going Greek” (written and directed by Justin Zackham) and “Undoing” (written and directed by Chris Chan Lee), knows a good story when he sees one. Kim graduated from the University of Chicago to become the first Korean-American agent in Hollywood and has leveraged his success to create EK Films. He is currently prepping for a dramatic thriller to be shot in Seoul, Korea.

An iPhone application may seem an unusual choice for film, but Secret of Chateau de Moreau stands apart. The game’s narrative is as intriguing, intense, and complex as any Hollywood movie. And Secret of Chateau de Moreau offers dozens of alternate endings, giving EK Films the ability to stay true to the spirit of the game while flexing its own creative muscle to bring a blockbuster to the big screen.