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Ohrid, Macedonia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- As it is said, the forbidden fruit tastes sweetest. Young love can be an amazing thing; actually, it is one of life treasures that one should be allowed to enjoy. With the new age of cell phones and the internet, love has found itself blossoming beyond anyone's imagination. A few years ago, before the web, there were mail services that pushed along love letters although it took forever to get to its destination. Today, the use of social media like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter as well as text messaging has open up gateways to millions of possibilities.

Dating websites have found themselves blossoming on this front because millions of lonely hearts are finding love on the internet. The secret love message can be sent to one's better half anonymously and still relay the desired effect. However, meeting new people for the youth has proven to be an area of bliss. Youngsters are falling in love every day beyond heavenly imagination because of the fascination of this thing we call "love." The secret love message will cause an adrenaline rush that many youngsters favor and with this in mind, love grows by the minute. Texting has become the major mode of communication among the youth of today, and with the freedom of denying facial expressions, texting promotes love. The possibility of secret love intrigues the mind since it is seen as a wrong that should be right. Love, having no boundaries has led to teenagers falling in love so deep that they are aware of their responsibilities as future mates. As some parents will require their young ones to be in school and get proper white collar jobs, love shows no respect for that Secret love has come about as a mode of resistance of not getting what the youth think is being denied to them.

A message of love is designed to be intimate, yet intriguing, fascinating yet gentle to the recipient. A message of this kind is usually heart felt, with the longing to meet and feel the embrace of love at the end of the text. Since the human mind is not designed to take "no" as a response, the youth finds it amazingly thrilling to defy their parents and indulge in secret love. This secret grows over time, maybe a fling at first, but, more often than not, it becomes something serious that even they cannot evade. The question of sending a secret love message among the youth is almost as obvious as a person waking up in the morning.

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In conclusion, a secret love message is one of the erotic dynamics that love present us with Though love still puzzles many, messages of love have enabled many to keep the flame in their love alive. A number of youth have started their relationships in this manner and later dated in the future while some have kept this secret love message system in place. Even after marriage, some have continued to send such messages during work hours and situations which they would not normally do so like family reunions.

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