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Secrets to Great Viral Social Media Graphics for Businesses Finally Revealed

Fact: Graphics or images comprise more than 60% of social media sites. This goes to show how powerful the graphics impact is to the masses.


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- Images hold so much power on social media when shared. What more when these graphics went viral? Without a doubt, the business will be on full blast and will have an engaging online exposure. Social media really is a great place to market businesses, products and services – sky is the limit when it comes to opportunities. Here are some secrets for the business’ images to achieve its best performance on social media sites.

Brand Offerings

Every brand has something to offer. It is a must for businesses to have a collection of images of their products and a logo for the public wont trust the company if it doesn’t have the asset to back up its content. It will be helpful to do an image stock check this will allow the business owner to find out what images he has available to use in preparation for his visual campaign.

Voice and Visual Presentation

When it comes to online voice and visual presentation of a brand, business owners really need to determine who their target market is to identify what their customers want from them visually. Is the brand mature, conservative or humorous? Business owners need to know the brand’s visual style so that the images that will published online will have the best possible chance of being shared on social media.

Use of Grids or Frames

Business owners need to think whether the images that will be posted online will be in need of a grid layout or a frame. This can be done on smart mobile phones or tablets there are tons of grids and frame apps available for free on the market that are able to produce professional looking images. Having the photos on a frame or grid layout will enable the brand to have a professional appearance and design order.


Filters are not solely made for self portraits or #selfies. Filters are also being used by big prominent brands to enhance the images they are posting and give it a different vibe. Business owners should choose filters that will complement the image and at the same time will be appropriate for his target audience.

Think Outside the Box

Think outside the box, twist things up, and be creative! Competition in social media is really tough. Business owners must make it a point not to publish boring images that won’t connect to his audience. It is a must to present the brand in a unique way for it to have that creative edge.

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