Securitization Audit Pro Explains How to Get the Real Details of a Loan or Mortgage with a Securitization Audit


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2013 -- Businesses wondering if there may be problems or hidden issues in a loan can use securitization audits to thoroughly check everything involved with that loan.

Securitization Audit Pro is a full service securitization audit company specializing in providing high quality, affordable securitization audits and forensic loan audit to assist clients and other professionals in the securitization audit services market. Securitization Audit Pro now offers attractive pricing allows for wholesale and retail pricing of the audits. Please call or email with your questions and suggestions as well as info on the wholesale and retail pricing starting at only $299 per securitization audit.

An audit will combs through all of the documents relating to a mortgage, looking for mistakes or even frauds in those documents. This helps businesses by preventing them from paying for someone else’s mistakes.

A short video of how such an audit works can be viewed at

Sample audit reports are available at no charge from the website.

Forensic loan audits routinely turn up errors in the paperwork which, if left unchecked, lead to more costs associated with the loan which the lender must pay. The lender should not have to pay for the mistakes created by the company making the loan.

Securitization audits also help homeowners uncover securities fraud on their mortgage loans. A homeowner can also find out of the mortgage have been sold and resold on Wall Street in trusts.

Homeowners in danger of foreclosure who use an audit service may find errors in the paperwork which could allow them to slow or even stop a foreclosure.

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