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Security Cameras Canada Organizes the Best Providers by Locality for Canadian Customers

Security Cameras Canada reviews the best providers of home surveillance equipment and has now ordered its reviews by geographic location, so people can find the best provider in their area.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2014 -- Home security is an essential, and fortunately home security can be as effective and comprehensive as the most advanced business security systems without the need for a huge expense. This is because advances in technology have made video security systems for the home affordable. Security Cameras Canada specializes in reviewing these systems, and has now gone a step further in helping people find the best coverage by splitting their reviews into local territories, which allow people to find the best coverage relevant to their area.

The new section is divided into Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario (, Quebec and Saskatchewan, so that no matter where in the country people hail from, they can find security systems that will suit their needs from providers operating in their area.

The level of service provision differs greatly between areas, with one having just eight providers while another has forty seven. This disparity alone necessitates the geographical divide in the information on the site, and shows its value to customers, who can now search through only relevant companies to find the best home security camera systems.

The site is regularly updated with new material as new, competing systems are released to the general consumer market.

A spokesperson for Security Cameras Canada explained, “We made the decision to add the local area sections because we understood the frustrations of people who thought they’d found their ideal system only to be confronted with the reality that that system was not provided in their local area. Now people can start their search by area so they are guaranteed only relevant results, and pick the best system from what is available, or put pressure on local providers to increase their provision to include the best systems on the market by using our site as evidence. Fortunately, that means new systems are added to different areas regularly, so users can check back with us to see the latest updates.”

About Security Cameras Canada
Security Cameras Canada has created a website dedicated to providing the best consumer advice for those seeking home surveillance equipment throughout Canada. As well as reviewing providers according to their quality of service they have also divided them by service area so individuals need search only companies they know can provide.

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