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Security Researcher Warns Classic Skimming Attacks Are Here to Stay


Manchester, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2016 -- Swiping credit cards used to be one of the safest measures in engaging in financial transactions in restaurants, gas stations, and businesses. However, nowadays, consumers still fall prey to thieves whether they use cash or credit cards.

Security researcher warns classic skimming attacks are here to stay. Card skimmers are found everywhere, from the vending machine to a gas station pump. This type of crime is quite easy to do since thieves only use card skimming devices.

With the use of these small devices, fraudsters are able to steal credit card information without the knowledge of victims. They sell the stolen information or use it to make fake credit cards.

Card skimmers are malicious card readers that scan and steal data from the credit card's magnetic stripe. The skimming devices are typically installed on payment terminals. Once data has been stolen, the thief comes back to collect the skimming device with the file that has the information.

Stefan Tanae, a security researcher at KASPERSKY Lab, reveals that classic skimming attacks are here to stay. It will continue to cause problem even if banks turn to the chip-and-PIN technology.

There is also an ATM skimming device, which has a size smaller than a deck or cards. It can fit over the existing card reader. Thieves often install a camera to monitor the vicinity and record the personal-identification-numbers of card holders.

There are even fraudsters who install a fake PIN pad over the ATM's keyboard to directly capture the PIN.

Credit card holders may use precautionary measures to protect themselves from thieves. They should look for some apparent signs of tampering near the speakers, top of the ATM, side of the screen, and keyboard. When they see something suspicious, they should refrain from using the ATM.

When dining out, they should not let their credit cards out of their sight for a long time. There were cases when employees from establishments were the ones doing the crime.

While criminals continue to use the technology to steal, consumers can protect themselves from these crooks just by practicing certain precautionary measures. Card holders can keep themselves away from thieves just by knowing how exactly these criminals work.

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