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Security Screening Market Explored by New Report for the Forecast 2017 to 2027

Future Market Insights has announced the addition of the “Security Screening Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2017-2027" report to their offering.


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2017 -- Security screening term is used for the scanning of the individuals and their belongings in order to avoid financial, economic and personal loss at various places such as airport, government premises, public places, malls, border check points and others. Security screening of people is done at airports on large scale because of large number of people passing through airports every day.

Now days, security is becoming one of the important concern of every government across the globe. Every country around the globe is trying to develop more and advanced screening products which will help to keep their country safe. As now terrorists activities are increasing worldwide several terrorist organizations are evolving in different countries. Recently world has been witnessing several terrorist attacks as 9/11 attack in United States of India, terrorists attack in Mumbai, India are some of the those incidences which worked as a wakeup call for the entire world to improve their security system & necessity of commercial establishment of security screening system at various checkpoints. There are so many technologies evolved out in the field of security screening products like X-Ray screening, electromagnetic radiations detector, explosive trace detectors (which is able to detects even the small trace of explosive), & others. Human operators also play an important role in detection of X-Ray images, conducting body scan, resolving metal detectors alarm, maintaining order at checkpoints & others. Global Security Screening market is estimated to grow with the tremendous CAGR during the forecasting period across the globe.

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Security Screening Market: Drivers and Restraint

The key trend of global security screening market is the availability of integrated screening systems, for examples manufacturers are integrating traditional screening methods with the biometric and X-ray detection systems. The key drivers responsible for the growth of security screening market are; the growing threats of terrorism across the world, increasing demand for biometric scanners in private sector, government regulations are also proved to be the key growth driver in order to trigger the market growth of security screening system. On the other hand, the key restraints which are responsible for inheriting the growth of global screening security market are; the harmful effect of X-Ray scanning over the whole body, high installation cost of security screening system, fear of privacy interruption & others.

Security Screening Market: Segmentation

Segmentation of global security screening market is done on the basis of product type, applications & region. By product type, segmentation of global security screening market is done as; X-Ray screening system market, Electromagnetic metal detector, Explosive detector, Liquid scanner, Biometric detector, Shoe scanner & others. These segments further divided into their sub segments as body scanner, baggage scanner, handheld scanner & cabinet X-Ray system are the sub segments of X-ray screening system. Hand held detector & Walk through metal detector are the sub segments of electromagnetic metal detector. Face recognition system, voice recognition system, fingerprint recognition system, retina recognition system & IRIS recognition system are the sub segments of biometric detectors. Among all the product types, market share of X-Ray screening market is highest in the global security screening market.

On the basis of applications, segmentation of global security screening market is done as border check points, airports, government organizations, public places, private sectors & educational institutions. Among all the applications, airport has been covering the largest market of security screening systems.

On the basis of region, the market is segmented into seven regions, North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia – Pacific (excluding Japan), Japan as a separate region and Middle East & Africa. Among which Asia Pacific is the global leader of security screening market.

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Security Screening Market: Key Players

The key players of global security screening market are American Science and Engineering, Inc., Zhangzhou Weihua Electronic Co., Ltd., Argus Global Pty Ltd., Magal Security Systems Ltd. & others.