XPressGuards Security Company Announces New Office Location in Miami

XPressGuards Now Offers Security Guard Services in Miami, Florida.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2020 -- The security company, XPressGuards, is pleased to announce that it will open a new office in Miami, Florida. XPressGuards already has a presence in Orlando, but the company is now expanding its presence with another office in the sunshine state of Florida.

XpressGuards is a security company offering different security services for various clients across North America via one of their many office locations across all 50 states. XPressGuards was established in 2019 and is owned by former law enforcement officers.

Even though the experienced security company already has an office in Orlando, XPressGuards thought it was the right time to open an office in Miami. A representative from the security company said, "We're helping some of our clients in Miami from our Orlando office already. However, we feel that this is the right time to close the distance between us and our clients in Miami to serve them even better."

It's not surprising to see XPressGuards moving to the Miami area as the city has one of the highest crime rates in America with 42 crime rates per thousand residents. Most of the crimes are committed in Overtown, Model City, and Downtown, but crime rates are high in other neighborhoods like Little Haiti and Upper Eastside as well.

Overall, the crime rates are dropping in Miami, but on both the Property Crime Index and the Violent Crime Index, Miami still has a higher than normal crime rate compared to smaller cities throughout Florida. With the opening of the new office in Miami, the security company expects to see an even further increase in business in the southern part of Florida.

According to XPressGuards, their clients in Florida are not purchasing just one particular type of security. Clients ask for personal security guards, event security and hotel security. Property security services are also getting more popular. XPressGuards also finds that its clients are very diverse. Along with small and large businesses contacting XPressGuards for security services, they also receive security requests from lawyers, famous baseball players, famous football players, and executives.

XPressGuards is proud to have their Physical Security Professional (PSP) credentials. This demonstrates their knowledge in physical security assessments, and the implementation of physical security measures. XPressGuards is also fully licensed and insured to carry firearms if you need armed security guards. Visit their website at xpressguards.com for more information.