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Buying gems at one time meant going to a jeweler. This meant buying the gem in addition to the necessary overhead of the store owner.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- The Internet has changed this drastically. Now, interested customers can buy gems online at a significant discount.

“Buying direct means the gems come from the mines to the gemologist,” said Ross Sedawie of, “so there are no other fees like shipping costs, handling and store overhead in the cost.”

This great price does have some significant drawbacks. The biggest drawback is not knowing exactly what the customer is looking at in a stone.

“All stones have clarity and color in addition to other factors. Certified gemologists can assess these stones and set prices accordingly, but many customers who are buying stones online do not understand the grading processes. This means they may order stones which are not as attractive as they thought,” said Sedawie.

Sedawie refers to unscrupulous online stores that promise gems and loose stones at exceptional prices, but the pictures and the stones do not match. Worst of all, many of the stores will not take returns or cease to exist when the customer finally sees their purchases.

Seda Gems is a family owned, Australian business that promises 100 percent satisfaction with a 30 day, money back guarantee. There is an online chat system on the site so customers can inquire about certain gems and stones or speak directly to a gemologist.

Each stone is carefully logged, photographed and listed with full disclosure of information.

“Our site is in a constant state of flux because of our ever-changing inventory. What you see today may be gone tomorrow, but this is why we have so many ways to contact us about specifics,” said Sedawie.

More information, including a full list of current inventory, is available at the site. Visit for details.

About Seda Gems
Seda Gems is a gemstone wholesaling and trading company based in Australia created by Ross Sedawie. Ross comes from a family of opal miners, cutters and dealers with over 30 years experience in the industry.

Seda Gems was created to bring beautiful gemstones to the online world at a competitive price and to help educate people on all of the amazing gemstones out there. In a previous life, Ross was an electrical engineering but turned to his true passion, being a gemologist in recent years. He personally ensures that every stone is tested and verified. Seda Gems is able to offer unique and precious gemstones from every corner of the globe at very competitive prices.