Sedona Healing Connection Expands Services to Bring Sedona Crystal Bed Healing Center's Activating Energy to Many Unable to Travel to Sedona, Arizona


Sedona, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- Sedona Healing Connection has announced a global expansion of services, designed to ensure that everyone can experience the healing energy inside Sedona John of God Crystal Bed Healing Center, even if they are unable to make the journey to Sedona, Arizona.

Kimberly Dawn, owner of Sedona John of God Crystal Bed Healing Center and Sedona Healing Connection, is now offering Tele-Activation conference calls so those who cannot travel to Sedona to receive a crystal light bath treatment can receive a similar caliber of healing energy on a live weekly conference call. During these relaxing mediation calls, Kimberly channels the Ascended Master St. Germain as well as other Ascended Masters from Sedona John of God Crystal Bed Healing Center.

When asked about the perceived need to be physically present in Sedona to receive benefits, Kimberly replied, “One does not have to travel to Sedona to receive a ‘mystical experience’. So many who come to Sedona want to have that ‘Oneness Experience’ like none other. Sedona Healing Connection provides that connection access point remotely through Tele-Activation group conference calls.”

Kimberly is backed up by a growing number of global experts, including Dr. Wayne Dyer, known as the “Father of Motivation” and international bestselling author of more than 30 books, who stated, “Time and space are just illusions. Everything is happening at once.”

Through her powerful, relaxing Tele-Activation calls, Kimberly is able to help her clients around the world achieve the mystical experience they crave, even if they’re unable to travel thousands of miles to physically be in Sedona for a crystal light bath session.

Kimberly Dawn is a former licensed massage therapist, an Authorized John of God Crystal Light Bed Healer, and a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach as well, helping to fill others with divine love through activations from St. Germain.

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About Sedona Healing Connection
Sedona Healing Connection provides a direct connection point through phone teleconference calls for spiritual seekers who live worldwide. The incredible healing sanctuary Sedona offers is encapsulated in Tele-Activation calls for global students.

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