Sedona Soul Retrieval Announces Launch of Deeply Inspiring and Life Changing Sedona Retreats

Sedona, Arizona is praised worldwide by spiritual seekers as an immensely powerful and moving location. Taking full advantage of this energy for her client's benefit is Debra Beck and Sedona Soul Retrieval who recently launched their new service offering intensive, and rejuvenating retreats for both individuals and couples.


Sedona, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2015 -- Spiritual experts agree, that the Earth is a living, vibrant place packed with energy, and in some places this power is much easier to tap into than others. In America, there's little doubt this kind of "metaphysical mecca" exists, in many people's opinion, in Sedona, Arizona. Sedona Soul Retreats is a recently launched service, that combines the expert guidance and instruction of spiritual teacher Debra Beck and the life changing energy of being in a Sedona retreat, which is hard to compare with any other North American location. Early response to the services offered by Beck have been overwhelmingly positive. This Sedona retreat is attended by individuals or couples.

"Being able to offer Sedona retreats is a dream come true for me," commented Beck, a well known and respected figure in self-development and spiritual circles. "My family and I have seen first hand what it is like to work on self-change here in Sedona, in the presence of unique energy vortexes not found anywhere else in America. Our experience has been that it speeds up healing and understanding immensely."

According to Beck, Sedona Soul Retreats are very happy to offer a number of different Sedona retreats depending on their client's individual needs and desires. Some of the most popular include: women's retreats, focused on women exploring their feminine energy and coming into themselves; couples retreats, a favorite for couples deepening, celebrating or working towards repairing their relationships; and other retreats which can be discussed with Beck and her team directly.

Reviews of the services have been remarkable.

A very happy woman recently commented on her Sedona retreat, "Through the three-day intensive retreat, you helped me discover my lifelong patterns, wounds and their triggers. I finally have clarity on how I have spent the last thirty-seven years of my life reacting to and living my life through the lens of my wounded inner child... You have shed light into the deepest recesses of my mind and helped me understand how the patterns of wounding connect to each other and ultimately influence my codependent and self-limiting behaviors and by doing so you have set me on the path to thrive instead of survive."

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About Sedona Spiritual Retreats
Debra Beck started her spiritual journey when she was 26 years old after her mother died, a very critical time in her life.