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See How Field Staff Improves Productivity and Stabilizes Cash Flow with the ConnectBooks Mobile Apps

Delivery & Field Staff Improve Productivity With The ConnectBooks Mobile Apps For Sage 50 Accounting Software And Invoices Sent to Clients & Paid More Promptly


Chantilly, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2014 -- The ConnectBooks mobile apps for Sage 50-US Edition and Sage 50-Canadian Edition enable small business owners to take advantage of their delivery and field staff creating invoices in Sage 50 databases with their smart phone, tablet, or iPad while at the client site. The use of Apple and Android mobile devices with ConnectBooks usually results in higher productivity, more accurate invoices, and more timely payments.

What do we mean by delivery and field staff?
There are a number of Sage 50 small business owners who deliver goods on a regular basis. For instance, a business that delivers water, soft drinks, beer, wine, etc. Then, there are many businesses that provide services with their field staff (e.g., landscapers, HVAC, maintenance and repair, snow removal, carpenters, plumbers, or any service at a client site). All such businesses should benefit by enabling staff to create or update invoices as they complete their services.

OK, enough talk. Can you demonstrate how it works?
You betcha! Put on earphones for 3 minutes and click on the View hyperlink.

How are the line items for the invoice created?
ConnectBooks provides access to Inventory items within Sage 50. Line items are created by choosing from the items in Inventory data within Sage 50. Of course, all the materials will be listed. There should also be an item for each labor skill of crews with appropriate labor costs. As shown in the video, the labor and material costs can be changed as you enter a line item and enter the labor hours or material quantity.

That looks easy enough, but how does the invoice get to the customer?
In order to keep the video short, so we did not show the invoice delivery portion. That is a simple three-step process: 1. Touch a button and a PDF is created of the invoice. 2. Choose the email address from the Customer data. 3. Touch the Send button.

How does the invoice update the Sage 50 database?
ConnectBooks accesses the Sage 50 accounting data from your computer when requested by the mobile device. The data is fully encrypted through multiple layers of security (secure socket layers or SSL). When you touch the Post button in ConnectBooks, the Sage 50 database back in the home office is updated.

How does invoice creation with ConnectBooks benefit cash flow?
There is typically a few days or weeks delay in updating the Sage 50 database with invoices. Another delay occurs when sent through the mail. With ConnectBooks, the database is immediately updated and the invoices electronically sent to the customer via email. As a result, invoices enter the client’s queue a week or more sooner and have a good chance of being paid sooner.

ConnectBooks (and Sage 50 accounting) is a great solution for the small business owner!

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ConnectBooks for Sage 50-Canadian Edition and Sage 50-US Edition are products of IntelleApps, LLC. IntelleApps is a fast growing company with an exclusive focus on developing state-of-art mobile apps for the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms.

IntelleApps is located in Chantilly, VA, USA and is a Sage Development Partner. Sage Corporation is the Creator and owner of the Sage 50-Canadian Edition and Sage 50-US Edition accounting software products.