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Seedbase Announces Sale of Its Trademark and Domain Names


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2016 -- Seedbase, Inc., a leading agricultural seed company, announced today it is selling the Seedbase® U.S. registered trademark, 12 top level domain names:,,,,,,,,,,,, and its Seedbase Twitter and Facebook socila media accounts.

"Seedbase® has been successfully working in the field of agriculture and software for 10 years. We're now selling the trademarked brand name Seedbase®, and related domains to focus on our other businesses," said Martin Baerwind, president of Seedbase, who made the announcement.

The Seedbase® trademark name is registered with the USPTO with a declaration of use and incontestability under sections 8 and 15 for the classes 31 and 35 which are for agricultural, horticultural and forestry products and grains namely agricultural grains for planting, unprocessed grains, live animals, fresh fruits and vegetables; seeds namely agricultural seeds crop seeds, grass seeds, plants seeds, fruits seeds, herbs seeds, vegetable seeds for planting, natural plants and flowers; foodstuffs for animals, malt, namely malt for brewing and distilling in class 31.

The Seedbase® trademark is also applicable to wholesale and retail store services in the field of building products, home-repair and landscaping, do-it-yourself products and gardening products, agricultural products and accessories related thereto in class 35.

"The unique brand name Seedbase® is short and easy to remember, plus it is one-of-a kind in the computer world, as well as, in the field of agriculture," noted Baerwind.

He believes Seedbase® is one company that can easily market any internet or agricultural product because the name speaks for itself.

Potential buyers from software and agricultural companies interested in purchasing the Seedbase® brand-name, trademark, and all 12 top-domains will have a unique opportunity to acquire the best brand and domain name for software and agricultural services, and Baerwind adds, "the Seedbase trademark is protected with the highest incontestability protection level. Thus, owning the name Seedbase will enable you market your product easily while being protected from any duplicate use."

The Seedbase® trademark is listed on U.S. Trademark Exchange:

About Seedbase
Seedbase® is a high quality seed distribution and seed repacking company with specialized equipment and pouch material. Presently Seedbase® delivers to markets in the USA and Philippines directly.

For further information, please contact: Martin Baerwind, President, Seedbase Inc., 425 Market Street, Suite 2200, San Francisco, 94105 CA, USA. Phone: +63.917.306.0059. E-mail: