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Seegrid Automated Guided Vehicles Profiled in Science Spectrum Blog

Seegrid Automated Guided Vehicles Profiled in Science Spectrum Blog


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2014 -- Seegrid, makers of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), was profiled in Science Spectrum blog. The article, authored by Tom Imerito, was titled, “Artificial Intelligence Gets Real.” Imerito explained that the Seegrid Intelligent Pallet mapped the ceiling as it traverses a previously traveled path and compares it to images stored in its map atlas to find its way around a warehouse.

Imerito noted, “As I passed through the double doors to Seegrid’s manufacturing floor a driverless robotic pallet jack that was headed toward me stopped abruptly. A horizontal bank of orange LEDs blinking above a row of steadily lit green ones at the top of its control module gave me the impression that the eight-foot mechanical giant was thinking – which it was – but not about me. I had coincidentally entered the room just as “Jack,” (as I came to anthropomorphize the robotic Titan) was pausing in response to a command in his memory.”

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About Seegrid
Seegrid Corporation (, global leader of robotic vision-guided automated guided vehicles (AGVs), designs, engineers, and manufactures AGVs for the materials handling industry to operate with simplicity, flexibility and affordability. The company’s state-of-the-art navigation technology requires no infrastructure for navigation—no wires, lasers, tapes, or magnets. Seegrid vision-guided AGVs are revolutionizing the movement of materials in manufacturing and distribution environments.

Creating economic and operational advantages, robotic pallet trucks, tow tractors, and walkie stackers optimize workflow processes by increasing productivity and reducing labor and operating costs. Seegrid AGVs improve workplace safety, reduce equipment and product damage, and deliver a rapid return on investment.

Maximize the efficiency and productivity of vision-guided AGVs by utilizing Seegrid Supervisor, a network appliance connecting, monitoring, and controlling a fleet of AGVs within an operation.

Recent acknowledgements include a 2014 Edison Award, Manufacturer of the Year award, and chosen as one of Food Logistics Top 100 software and technology providers. Seegrid was named to the list of Fast Company 50 Most Innovative Companies and Top 10 Most Innovative Robotic Companies 2013.

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