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Seegrid CTO Mitchell Weiss Talks Industrial Robotics in Plant Services Magazine


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2016 -- Mitchell Weiss, CTO of Seegrid, a maker of automated, vision-guided vehicles for manufacturing and distribution facilities was featured in Plant Services magazine. Plant Services, and Plant Services E-Newsletters reach a monthly worldwide audience of over 150,000 manufacturing professionals responsible for optimizing the productivity, asset utilization and manufacturing reliability for more than 35,000 industrial plants, facilities and utilities in North America and across the globe. Weiss talked to Plant Services recently about the concept of scalable automation and how taking a step-by-step approach to automation can help save an organization time and frustration – and help protect the bottom line.

Weiss noted, "I've always been in the robotics and flexible automation space, and the approach we take in that space is you don't look at (manufacturing) as an end-to-end process; you look at it as a bunch of components of processes that in the whole make up customers' end-to-end process. The idea of scalable automation is to take a piece of (a process) and automate that with some tool that you might be able to redeploy or reuse."

"This was the original idea behind industrial robots. You could program them for a job, and if that job wasn't available in a couple years, you could redeploy them to another job. (If I) put 10 robots on the line, I get 10 times the work done. But I only add them one a time. So I've taken out the capital risk (by doing) it in a scalable, modular, piece-at-a-time fashion," added Weiss.

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