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Seegrid Flexible AGV Proves Simple to Train and Operate in 6 Steps

Seegrid Flexible AGV Proves Simple to Train and Operate in 6 Steps


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2013 -- Training a Seegrid flexible automated guided vehicle (AGV) is simple. The innovative vision-guided technology allows vehicles to be trained and deployed in a warehouse or manufacturing facility quickly and efficiently, eliminating non-value-added repetitive tasks. Flexible AGVs do not require any infrastructure modifications. Traditional AGVs use guidance methods such as laser targets, magnetic tape, and geo-guidance to navigate. Seegrid vehicles transport goods by using vision-guided technology.

John Hayes, Seegrid’s Vice President of US Sales and Marketing discussed the simplicity of training and operating a Seegrid flexible AGV, “Anyone can train and operate the flexible AGV. Even though flexible AGVs are complex robots, the vision system allows anyone to train and operate the vehicles. Engineers are not needed for installation, updates, or route modifications. Because the vehicles are built from familiar industrial truck platforms, operators recognize the vehicle and adapt quickly to use. On-site maintenance staff is able to perform pm requirements and routine troubleshooting and maintenance. This added benefit keeps costs down and the fleet control in the hands of the facility manager.”

The six easy steps were noted on the company’s website recently. Hayes noted the steps to train and operate a flexible automated guided vehicle.

1. Position the AGV in the start location and select training mode.
2. Walk if training the GP8 pallet truck or drive if training the GT10 tow tractor through the route. During training the vehicle takes images of the facility and builds 3D vision maps for future navigation.
3. While training occurs, rules of the road behaviors such as horn honks and pauses at intersections can be programmed on the keypad.
4. Once training is complete, the operator loads with GP8 or GT10 with product to move.
5. The route to be completed by the flexible AGV is selected on the keypad.
6. The “push to work” button is activated and the flexible AGV goes to work.

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Seegrid Corporation ( provides simple, affordable, flexible vision-guided automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to the material handling industry. Seegrid robotic industrial trucks, flexible AGVs, are revolutionizing the movement of materials in manufacturing and distribution environments. Seegrid automated pallet trucks and tow tractors optimize workflow processes by increasing productivity and reducing costs, creating economic and operational advantages. Robotic industrial trucks deliver a rapid return on investment, improve facility safety, and reduce equipment and product damage. Fast Company magazine named Seegrid as one of the Top 50 World’s Most Innovative Company in 2013 and among the Top 10 World’s Most Innovative Robotics Company in 2013. Follow Seegrid Corporation on Twitter at @Seegrid.

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