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Seegrid Leads in the Evolution of Automation Material Handling with AGVs

Seegrid Leads in the Evolution of Automation Material Handling with AGVs


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2013 -- Material Handling has gone through many changes in the last four decades. Seegrid, maker of flexible automated guided vehicles (AGVs) is revolutionizing the change with product availability, customization, and the growth of sources to supply products. Mitchell Weiss, Seegrid’s Chief Operating Officer discussed the trend toward automated material handling in the company’s recent blog, “Things have changed a lot in the last four decades since I have been involved in the automation industry. Manufacturing has made a comeback in America, the internet has changed buying habits, and “Big Box” stores have driven efficiencies in distribution. Material Handling is seen as a competitive advantage, and there are commercials on TV and advertisements that say, ‘I love logistics.’ We can buy anything we want, almost customized just for us – without leaving our home.”

Weiss noted, “The opportunities for commerce grown with computing, the internet, and ecommerce has grown, as well as the technology for industrial automation too. It is now possible to identify and track every inventory item in the warehouse, and in the whole supply chain. These technologies are also available to our machines, such as robots, flexible automated guided vehicles, WMS systems, conveyors, etc. These improvements allow us to deploy and implement material handling automation with less risk, at lower cost, and in less time.” Weiss summed up the changes in automated material handling with the top eight reasons to love material handling automation.

1. It reduces labor costs and associated facility costs.
2. It allows for greater complexity of operations.
3. It allows 24/7 operation.
4. It speeds delivery.
5. It reduces errors.
6. It allows operations even in tight labor markets.
7. It makes operations competitive, or even provides them with a strategic edge.
8. It can do more, more easily, than ever before.

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Seegrid Corporation ( provides simple, affordable, flexible vision-guided automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to the material handling industry. Seegrid robotic industrial trucks, flexible AGVs, are revolutionizing the movement of materials in manufacturing and distribution environments. Seegrid automated pallet trucks and tow tractors optimize workflow processes by increasing productivity and reducing costs, creating economic and operational advantages. Robotic industrial trucks deliver a rapid return on investment, improve facility safety, and reduce equipment and product damage. Fast Company magazine named Seegrid as one of the Top 50 World’s Most Innovative Company in 2013 and among the Top 10 World’s Most Innovative Robotics Company in 2013. Follow Seegrid Corporation on Twitter at @Seegrid.

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