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Seeing Double: Hip Hop Twins Release Latest EP, (Ra)w Form

Startlingly original in a musical culture that normally explores street violence, bling and drugs, DV – short for ‘Double Vision’ - is a group with deeper meaning. With the release of their newest EP, (Ra)w Form and lead single, ‘Nothin’ to Lose’, DV showcase their talent for creating music that strikes to the very heart of what it means to be human, and to be alive.


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- No, you don’t need to have your eyes checked.

Hip Hop artists Jarred and Johnathan Lindsay, better known as Mackamillion and Mr. Mackmore, are mirror images of each other. Together, the twins form the group, DV – short for ‘Double Vision’, and their singular style is provocative in both its simplicity and underlying message.

While dropping their 3rd EP, (Ra)w Form, and debuting the accompanying music video, ‘Nothin’ to Lose’, the brothers have found their sweet spot with music, and with their intentions. As Mackamillion says, “Our goal is to make music that is innovative and creative, and made for those who actually have a brain.”

As for that distinctive EP title, well, to say it encapsulates the twins’ beliefs would be an understatement.

“(Ra)w Form is about finding the God in you, or the Creator within yourself,” says Mackamillion. “We spelled it as ‘(Ra)w’ because we wanted to pinpoint for people that the process of creating anything – whether it is music, money or even another being, starts from the same source – the raw energy that permeates the universe. It goes by different names – God, love or Amen Ra – also known as the Egyptian Sun God. Ra is a primordial sound which holds a vibration of creation.”

It isn’t often that you hear Hip Hop artists waxing poetic on the universe, but the twins have never pretended to be anything other than who they are. Hailing from Venice, California, the duo have been making up rhymes from childhood and busting stereotypes ever since.

“When we started, it was the bling era of Hip Hop,” says Mr. Mackmore. “We definitely stood out. The fact is, we weren’t going to change just because what we were doing wasn’t fashionable. We stuck to our guns and made the music that we wanted to make. From the start, there wasn’t any compromising about that.”

With the release of (Ra)w Form, the twins hope to inspire more people to live life in the present, without doubts or fear. At its heart, (Ra)w Form is a light in the darkness and a message to anyone struggling that they have the power they need inside of themselves.

About “(Ra)w Form
“(Ra)w Form is due for release on 12th March, 2014. For more information or to connect with DV visit: http://www.facebook.com/thatsdv and http://www.twitter.com/dvhiphop