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Seeing Is Believing Organization Launches Crowdfunding Project


Englewood, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2013 -- The organization Seeing is Believing has launched a crowdfunding project in an effort to raise the final $7500 necessary in order to purchase 2000 pairs of glasses that will be distributed to the citizens of Cambodia in dire need of eye-care. The organization is based in Denver, Colorado and is a completely volunteer-based non-profit organization made up of college students. Once in the country the volunteers will work with Cambodian optometrists who will give free screenings to school children, orphans, and other Cambodians facing financial concerns in the country also known as the Kingdom of Wonders.

Slated to distribute the much needed glasses throughout Phnom Penh and Siem Reap August 1st through the 14th volunteers will work diligently to meet the necessary distribution goals. “It’s astounding to think that for a $15 dollar donation a child can be screened and fitted with a brand new pair of prescription glasses.” said Trammell Cox, a representative of Seeing is Believing. “It’s even more astounding when our supporters realize that for $5 a person can have a new pair of reading glasses and for $125 an entire orphanage can be screened. Not only screened but those who need glasses can be both fitted and provided with exactly what they need. From that standpoint the donation amounts are relatively nominal.”

Providing the gift of eyesight for a myriad of reasons including the human enjoyment of reading, driving and watching a sunrise Seeing is Believing volunteers are asking for help via their Indiegogo crowdfunding project. Touching just the cusp of the dire need in remote villages of the world the National Center for Disabled People predicts that one million Cambodian citizens are in need of eye-care but either have no access to it or cannot afford it. “Cambodian doctors are willing to screen for free as long as our organization buys the glasses from them. So, as a result, every dime we secure from our Indiegogo donors goes directly to purchasing glasses for the residents of Cambodia.” added Cox.

Perks include a photo of the specific person donors purchase a pair of glasses for, a “thank you” tweet, personal note, or video, a traditional Cambodian scarf otherwise known in the country as a krama, a traditional table-cloth, a silk purse and a video of a school, an orphanage or of the distribution as a whole. Wholly committed to their cause, should Seeing is Believing not meet their $7500 crowdfunding goal volunteers will still distribute what they can in Cambodia and all contributors will receive their allotted perks.

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We outfit school-children, orphans, and others in need with glasses. Through collecting, cleaning, and recycling old glasses, we are able to make them usable for someone in need. Monetary donations are used to purchase new pairs of glasses.