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Seekers and Deceivers: Debut Novel Illuminates Vital Moral Truths for Young Adults

Written by Kevin Hoyer, this dazzling and unique tale examines light, darkness and the never-ending search for the truth in a morally bankrupt world.


Grand Rapids, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- Written for teenagers but with a heartfelt message at its core, debut novel ‘Seekers and Deceivers’ by Kevin Hoyer is the breathlessly exciting story of a land that rejects light and welcomes darkness with open arms.

As main character Ezra and his two friends embark on a terrifying yet exhilarating quest to find the lost Book of Prophecies, the trio realize that their destinies are a lot more complex than they could have ever imagined.

Hoyer wrote the book with young adults in mind, and teens will adore the adventure, romance and the realistic, vibrant characters, while still learning about morality, lies and faith. Although Hoyer never explicitly states the Christian slant to the book, the choices found in the text will resonate with anyone who has ever followed the Word of Jesus Christ.

“Society is slowly dimming the truth of the Bible and the reality of Jesus Christ’s life and legacy,” says Hoyer. “While the book doesn’t mention Jesus, the story starts out after the light has been extinguished for one thousand years. It’s designed to help teens navigate through the many trials they’ll find in their lives, and shows them the freedom inherent in pursuing and living the truth.”


There grew an element in the valley that did not want to be ruled by the Light of the Word. Over time, they convinced the people to reject it. As they started to reject this Light, the valley grew dim and the fog rolled in. The people craved the darkness rather than the Light because they were evil. They did not want to embrace the Light because it exposed their wickedness. They rejected the Light of the Word and ruled themselves. Those few who had embraced the Light and hated the darkness were killed. Since that time anyone who embraced the Light of the Word, pursued or talked about it were arrested. Those arrested were sentenced to death by stoning.

The last prophet gave a prophecy before he was martyred. "The whisperer will come and empower three witnesses that will make manifest the works of darkness and destroy it, and deliver my people from the grip of darkness to the freedom found in the light."

All the Children of the Light were killed off or went into hiding living among the Children of Darkness in secret, not mentioning the Light for fear of death. Generations grew up being ignorant of the Light of the Word and never knowing the difference. No one ever mentioned the Light or dared to even talk about the Light.

One thousand years later, Ezra was awakened from sleep and commanded by the Whisperer, "You must find the Book of Prophesies that will show you the Light of the Word." Thus begins his quest to find out the truth against those that oppose and want to bury it. With the help of his best friends, Jared and a girl named Dara they discover the prophecy. Things get heated and dangerous when they find out they are the three witnesses.

Since its release, ‘Seekers and Deceivers’ has earned a five star rating on Amazon and rave reviews.

“I loved this book! I was immediately drawn in by the imagery and characters. The plot holds your attention well. You won't want to stop reading, even if it's 2 AM. :) It's definitely worth the read and perfect for teens and adults,” wrote Stacy.

“A great read for any age! If you can read it you will enjoy it! You think you have it figured out but think again! I can guarantee you will enjoy every page,” wrote Amberly.

‘Seekers and Deceivers’ is available now: Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com

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Kevin is a graduate from the Institute of Children's Literature. He is a retired Special Forces Green Beret, a combat veteran who has served in Afghanistan and various other places in the world. For the past nine years he has been a Security Contractor working in Iraq and Afghanistan. When home he enjoys spending time with his family, reading, writing and teaching his 4th grade Sunday school class. He lives in west Michigan with his wife and two daughters.