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Seeking Truth: Author Anne R. Dehn Announces Chilling New Ghost Reader Series

When a thirteen year-old girl discovers that she possesses the ability to help ghosts find peace, little does she know that it will help her solve the biggest mystery of her life – the murder of her own parents.


Harrisonville, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- At one time the literary world was awash with numerous spine-tingling ghost readers, although they remain few and far between today. However, author Anne R. Dehn is breathing new life into this haunting genre, with the release of a compelling new ghost reader series.

Her first book, ‘Seeking Truth’ kicks off what promises to be a ghoulishly satisfying series of novels aimed at young adults.


In a small Iowa town, Del's Diner is a place where ghosts gather to try and make their way to heaven. Some are happy, some are sad and some are down right angry.

Very few Ghosts Readers exist today and on Bekah's 13th birthday she learns she has a unique and rare ability, like her Uncle, to help ghosts find peace. After her Uncle's unforeseen death, Bekah opens her own agency, along with her best friend, Gabe, to offer their services to those trying to find their loved ones whom have passed.

Unknowingly to her, she comes across a dangerous ghost filled with rage and fury, which targets her true love. With the blossoming sexual attraction between Bekah and Gabe that turns into a whirlwind of emotion and lust, she finds a shocking resolution to the biggest mystery in her life.

As the author explains, her series offers a fresh twist on the ‘typical’ ghost reader.

“My story is part mystery, part supernatural and part love,” says Dehn, who developed the story during a two-year writing period.

She continues, “I intended it to be very different from other ghost stories. The genre needs fresh blood and revitalisation in order to make it as popular as it once was.”

Early feedback indicates that Dehn could be about to do just that. In fact, since its release, the first book has garnered a consistent string of five-star reviews.

“I absolutely LOVED this book! It is a book that is easy to read, and almost impossible to put down!!!! I am really, really hoping that this author makes this a series so I can find out what happens next,” says Charms, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Dehn promises that there is plenty more yet to come.

“The next two books in the series are being written as we speak. Readers will get to find out more about Bekah and follow her as her life and relationships develop,” she adds.

Eager fans will have to wait patiently for any further announcements from Dehn. However, with such a successful first book, the rest of the series is poised to be hugely popular.

In the meantime, ‘Seeking Truth’ is available for purchase from Amazon.

Direct purchase link: http://amzn.to/TWDmpn

About the author, in her own words:
I hope you enjoy the book I just recently put out. I have lived in the MidWest my whole life. I currently live in Harrisonville, Mo. and have for the last 4 years. I am a nurse and have worked in the nursing field for 14 years. I love taking care of others, but recently over the last 2 years I developed a new found passion for writing. I am a mother to 3 wonderful children and happily married to my husband of 17 years. I am a new author and I learn something new about writing every day. I appreciate any feedback you are willing to give. Constructive critism is always heard. I am currently working on 2 more books and will hopefully have them out soon. Thank you!!