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Seewateva Featured Models on Times Square Billboard in Two Months More Than Other Modeling Agency in New York City

Statistics have proven that Seewateva Magazine has featured numerous models on Times Square Billboard in just two months more than any other modeling agency in New York City.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2020 -- Seewateva Magazine is dominating the modeling industry by far breaking records with big modeling agencies. Many models dreams have come true and are very thankful for Mr. Prez taking his time to brand them.

In TIMES SQUARE BILLBOARD, you may see a model once a year, but with Seewateva magazine, it has turned into a hot spot for seeking the hottest models.

They are internationally known for showcasing models from London and Germany and being a great market to grow as a brand. Seewateva luxury brand is also selling luxury apparel.

Their line has a range of categories such as hats, shirts, hoodies, footwear, females apparel, and now expanding their female line to swimwear. Seewateva is not a modeling agency, but somehow it tends to beat modeling agencies to their duties. Because all the models they have helped boost their careers, most models mistakenly believe it is an agency. 99.9% of modeling agencies don't teach the models how to get jobs. Agencies do it for them, so if a model needs a job, they depend on the agency.

Unlike, Seewateva brand teaches models how to brand and grow their brands so they can obtain jobs on their own.

"You can give a man a fish, or you can teach him how to fish," Mr. Prez, CEO of Seewateva, said.

"Seewateva is not for everyone; it's only for the elites, " he added on. A shoot with Seewateva will run you about $500, depending on the package you desire. Seewateva Magazine focuses on shooting the hottest models and creating the hottest models.

We did some digging, and statistics have proven that Seewateva magazine has featured numerous models on Times Square Billboard more than any other modeling agency in NEW YORK CITY.

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