Segway Tours Singapore Launches 'Sneaks of Marina Bay' Tour


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- Imagine going on a tour of Singapore that's not the usual kind. How about doing it on a segway? Segways are ingenious contraptions that take the tiredness out of touring and make it much faster than walking. You cover much more ground while on a segway and it's absolutely safe!

Segway Tours Singapore allows you to see the city in a fun way! Segway Tours specializes in helping you see the top attractions in Singapore while riding a segway. This means you don't get too tired from walking, and you get to cover more ground on foot! Best of all, Segway tours are very personalized and affordable. The most expensive tours will only cost you about $100. They’re perfect for small groups and families looking to spice up their usual travel routine.

Marina Bay is known as one of THE places to visit in Singapore. While there are a number of ways to see this gorgeous place, Segway Tours can give you the Sneaks of Marina Bay Tour--a cost-efficient and time-efficient to see the key areas of Marina Bay without breaking a sweat!

Tour members will discover the Marina Bay’s rich heritage through conserved buildings and important landmarks. Tour members will also get to see Marina Bay’s bold and unique architectural icons. Furthermore, they will get to recognize the entire Marina Bay’s sustainability efforts and eco-friendly designs and practices in the tour. The tours are conducted in English and are 30-minutes long inclusive of initial training. It also includes specially selected photo spots to be able to take snapshots of the best areas as mementos to take home.

Segway Tours Singapore reminds its guests that there is a minimum age (15 years old) and minimum height (must be over 42 inches). Participants of the Segway tour must also weigh no more than 120 kilograms, as it is the maximum capacity of the device. The tour is inclusive of the initial training on how to properly use the Segway transportation device to guarantee the safety of the tour participants.

This tour is more moderately priced at $48 but is a must since Marina Bay is a breathtaking marvel, and one of the best places to visit in Singapore.

About Segway Tours
Segway Tours Singapore offers a new and unique way to go around Singapore through its personalized small tours done via Segway! Rates start at $48 per person. Tours can be booked through their website at