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Chemical Company Announces Updated Articles About Basic Chemicals


Newark, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2014 -- Seidler Chemical Company is proud to announce updated articles about common chemicals. As a global leader in chemical products and supplies, Seidler Chemical provides the latest information about chemical applications in its recent series of articles.

In its latest articles, Seidler Chemical offers cutting edge facts about everything from glycerin to ketones as well as sodium-saccharin, magnesium-carbonate and more. The articles convey pertinent information in language that is easy to understand. Chemist, students and corporate executives can rely on this comprehensive information about commonly-used chemicals.

The articles also help people learn more about chemicals and how they fit into the current environment. Often people are anxious about the use of chemicals and whether they are necessary. Seidler clears up the mystery about the need for chemicals in the modern world and the benefits they can provide.

According to Richard Seidler, President of Seidler Chemical Company, “It has been a privilege to serve our customers for over 117 years. Our growing national and international clientele is a result of offering outstanding customer service and product management. Our team members work together to enhance the satisfaction and productivity of our entire business network.”

The latest articles are located at these web pages:

Seidler Chemical Company is a family-owned business that blends, repackages, supplies and distributes quality chemicals nationally and internationally. The company has the expertise to offer hundreds of chemicals. Contact Seidler Chemical Company to learn more about chemicals and their many uses.

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The Seidler Chemical Company has served for over a century as a blender, supplies, distributor and re-packager of quality chemicals. The company was founded in 1896 by Alexander Seidler and continues to be family owned and operated.

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