Seismic Concrete Repairs

Seismic Concrete Repairs Offers Complete Repairs for a Wide Variety of Structures


Christchurch, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- Seismic Concrete Repairs, one of the trusted names in concrete repair, offering complete repair solutions for a wide variety of structures. They cover wide variety of structures including residential homes, Commercial buildings, Industrial buildings, Schools, Universities and other concrete infrastructures. Concrete repairs to these structures range from block wall repairs, retaining walls, driveway repairs and replacement, ring foundations injections and many others. They are professionals in their field and can advise on concrete cracks, cracked walls and then provide a complete solution. Their services of concrete crack repairs include epoxy injections, epoxy grout to slab repairs, ring foundation repairs and block wall repairs.

To repair concrete cracks, Seismic Concrete Repairs use efficient and modern tools and technologies. They have adopted various methods and use products of concrete repairs and will ensure that the crack is filled completely, restoring the monolithic qualities of the concrete slab. Concrete Epoxy Injection is a common repair method for concrete cracks. Epoxy Injection is a system for welding cracks back together. This welding restores the original strength. Epoxy injection restores the structural qualities the concrete design. In other words, under most conditions it makes the concrete perform almost better than its original integrity. It creates an impervious seal to air, water, chemicals, debris, and other contamination.

Their project duration can range from a single day, to weeks of repair work, and work through a plan with its clients to suit their time schedules, job requirements, and other factors. Their concrete repair systems are often guided by Engineers reports and as a result they have trained to become approved applicators for several leading brands. They also provide a quote using their unique interactive quoting system, allowing them to communicate information such as site plans, schedules and variations (if any) all online so information is transparent and there are no surprises.

About Seismic Concrete Repairs
Seismic Concrete Repairs began as a response to the increasing demands of professional and knowledgeable repairers within the Christchurch region following the devastating September and subsequent earthquakes. They are small and efficient team with a strong background in the building industry. They cater to both residential homeowners and commercial businesses and can repair a wide range of buildings, structures and facilities. As a responsible, respectful team, they use industrial vacuums for low to high volume dust removal situations such as cutting, grinding and polishing, to keep your commercial residence or industrial environment as dust-free as possible. At Seismic Concrete Repairs, have proven history of being able to work unsupervised and are proud of their trustworthy team. They also provide product information sheets and producer statements on request.

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