ApplenMicro Provides Money Making Tools Beyond the Multitude

There are many different money making tools available on the internet today. is standing out above the multitude with a matrix system program where participants get paid more.


Shropshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- is providing internet marketers the tools to make more money online. The video featured on provides full disclosure of the matrix system program. Watch the video at: .

Melvin AKA Dr. Money is the video presenter who reveals the free money spillover. He is showing individuals how to be a home business entrepreneur. The Company web portal is at and the video is demonstrating a system where participants get paid more.

Dr. Melvin has created the program "The Ultimate Cycler" available for just $25.00. Other people can join and get on board with the marketing tools they need to become an internet guru and make more money on auto pilot than ever before.

About Seismic boom
Seismic boom owned by James Proctor, promotes ultimate cyler which is the world first 2x2 matrix system, built by the people for the people.

Costing $25 to enter and make decent money you get an auto responder in your back office and a lead capture page to build your internet business.

The pay structure is a member to member pay service. As you fill up your first matrix you upgrade to the second for $50 and the people from your first matrix follow you into the second, this happens four times before you start a new cycle.

Level three is $100 cost but your return is $400 by this point.

Level four is $200 so your return is $800.

The idea is to upgrade as soon as possible so you are always ready to be paid before everyone else.

Also you can earn from spill over which means people above you can hand down new recruits. Plus people below you also earn off. This Matrix system is a real team effort so as long as you are in a good team you are bound to be successful.

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