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San Mateo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 --, today released a detailed review of the eBook by Mike Geary - The Truth About Abs. The review has a few stunning revelations about the book that has gained immense popularity since its launch and has more than 126, 000 readers in over 109 countries across the world. Author Mike Geary is a renowned diet and fitness expert with many well known clients from around the globe.

When contacted, a spokesperson from the company said, “Yes we are offering best and honest review on this latest book by Mike Geary. The book is helpful to burn belly fat. The book tells about the importance of workout for achieving six pack abs, details out the healthy diet and nutrition and explains the positive effects of regular exercise on the body.” He further added, “We can say that this eBook disproves a number of fake claims about the foods that are generally termed as harmful for the body. The routines are very easy to pursue but also difficult at times. With our detailed review, we aim to help those from across the globe, who want to lose weight but are not sure if the offering from Mike would be able to help them or not.”

When contacted, Mike confirmed that losing whole body fat is actually the most effective way to lose belly fat and have a good abs. The same is applicable for both men as well as women. The book equally insists on body workouts and healthy and nutritional diet. A recent report also confirmed this fact that slim and fit body can be attained by a combination of exercise and good food.

Sources confirmed that eating more calories and high protein content is important for people who wish to have a body for competitions. The book suggests and helps people find correct diets and nutrition techniques that are simple, cool and effective in getting rid of that fat from the body. The Truth About Abs is a guide that helps users understand what and how to eat, correct tips for exercise, and how to improve life by removing fat quickly.

About is a review site that is offering honest review on the eBook - The Truth About Abs. The book has been written by Mike Geary who is a world famous diet and fitness expert. The book already has more than 126,000 readers in over 109 countries across the world.

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