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Self-Cleaning Urinals, Toilets and Faucets Will Revolutionize Restroom Use

Inventor Antony Brand has created the "Coniclean" range of self-cleaning sanitary ware. Both inner and outer surfaces of "Coniclean" units are cleaned after each use.


Brittany, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/04/2013 -- Antony Brand, a twenty year veteran inventor and resident of Brittany, France has now created the "Coniclean" range of self-cleaning urinals, toilets and faucets, which he hopes will revolutionize restroom use.

A much needed improvement to public restrooms globally, the inventor has created a way whereby both inner and outer surfaces of sanitary ware are cleaned after use, (and optionally before).

"Ensuring that urinals are kept clean in public places such as airports, stations and restaurants can be a time consuming, costly and unpleasant task. They are only ever as clean as the last person left them." said Brand. "As a regular patron of airports, stations and restaurants I knew there had to be a way of eradicating the unpleasant smells of urinals. Once I had developed the technology for urinals, I realised that the self-cleaning design could also be applied to a toilets and faucets."

For ease of manufacture the shape of the self cleaning sanitary ware is typically conical and each unit rotates upon it's axis, slightly inclined from the vertical. This allows the upper rearward portion of the cone to be concealed by the rear vertical surface of the toilet facility. It's here that the flushing of the interior and cleaning of the exterior is automatically carried out by the 'patent pending' Coniclean system. The whole of the urinal, toilet or basin is cleaned as it rotates. The process is initiated by a proximity sensor sensing that a person has moved away after using the facility. In addition to normal flushing, the design allows for a secondary fluid such as a disinfectant to be applied to the upper rim and outer surface in the case of urinals, or to the seat and outer surface in the case of the toilets and to the top edge and outer surface in the case of faucets. The toilet version includes a brush which comes down automatically to clean the interior of the bowl and then retracts back up out of sight. In each unit, excess fluid is removed from the rim, seat and external areas by means of a wiper or a high pressure blast of air. The part of the cone which the public sees and uses has always just been cleaned.

Men will be able to use urinals without being concerned about approaching too closely. Women, children and men will all be able to sit on toilets without worrying about whether they're clean or not.

Brand is actively seeking licensing and manufacturing agreements.

He expects his self cleaning toilets to be introduced into public places such as airports and stations in the near future, followed by installations being fitted into such places as restaurants and hotels where the invention will help businesses provide a high level of service and cleanliness. Home installations will of course also be a reality in the future.

Finally Brand adds, "I believe it's reasonable to expect clean toilets in public places and hopefully this invention will help make that a reality."

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